We have a little house outside the city. Tiny little brown house with colorful Moroccan cement tiles and bricks covered by Ficus pumila. Our wall is decorated by Agus Suwage's and Gatot Pudjiarto's artworks because they are my favorite artists. You don't like it but you compromise. Wooden furniture always be your favorite.

We have a big garden although our house is small. Our kids are running and playing cheerfully. That's my boy named Aksara Ringin Satria. He is so close to me. And that's your daughter. You put her a beautiful name. She is so close to you too. Yes, we are Freudian. My cupboard filled by his books.

A mesmerize scenery is what we see in every morning. The weather is very chill so we can see a misty hill. In every morning, we brew some coffee or tea. You like the light one, I like the heavy one. I have a cat, you have a dog. Although they are so different, they get along together; like us. Sometimes we fight but it won't last.

Sweetheart, we are home.


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