Purifying Black Mud | Is It Worth The Hype?

A peel mask is such a trend today. Tati, a successful Youtuber, tried Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask from milkpiggy. When she peeled the mask, her eyes started watery because it was so painful to took off. Me, as a person who has a lot of clogged pores, want that hardcore mask to get rid these piece of s-- never mind.

But instead of having Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask, I bought Indonesian's local product Purifying Black Mud from Vienna. The price is cheap (I bought at Makeupuccino for Rp10.000 but it is more cheaper if you buy it on drugstore) and it is easy to get. And this product already registered at BPOM or The Head of the National Drug and Food Control Agency. So, yeah, it is safe.

After I cleanse my face with BIOKOS facial foam, I put Vienna Purifying Black Mud on my skin face. The first thing I notice is I love the smell. It so fresh! Maybe it is because of the aloe vera and green tea contain. Aloe vera can soothing and reduce skin inflammations. Green tea has anti-aging and antioxidant benefits.

It has a sticky and thick texture. I apply it with finger, not brush. It dries quickly. I don't know if I put my layer too thin or not but sometimes it is breaking when I peel it off. And it's not painful though. I feel my skin is not dry, in fact it's a little bit moisturized. And my clogged pores are came off.

Repurchased it? Yes. I think this product is quite good and worth the hype.


  1. Renata Tjan12:52 PM

    Nice review! Simple & to the point! Jadi penasaran. Mana murah lagi kan ;)

    1. Yup! Give it a try and let me know the comment, Ren! xD

      Thanks btw ;)


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