Acne Oil by Shoppasoap | Is It Magic?

On Instagram, there is a brand who is claim that every ingredients of their brand are natural and handmade process. No paraben, no chemical things. The testimonials from their clients are phenomenal! They say that they can see the result within a days. Acne, eczema, psoriasis, redness, scars, you name it.. the results are great! Most of them are healed. Wait until you see the screen capture from messenger about client's positive testimony. 

I am triggered and it piqued my curiosity. Because of Mineral Botanica Acne Serum doesn't work really that well, I decide to buy Acne Oil by Shoppasoap. The texture is kind of thick and it smell reminds me of herbal scent. I put it on the acne area before I sleep. I don't recommend to use it on daylight because this acne oil doesn't absorb easily to the skin so it will be greasy. You don't want your make up be messy, do you?

And all my acnes are diminished and red spots are fading. It is not entirely vanished but it does work well! Geez, what kind of sorcery is this?!

Shoppasoap sells two different kind of acne oil. First, acne oil for cystic and red acnes. Second, acne oil turmeric for zits. Unfortunately, there is no composition written on the packaging. But as I google it, I find that acne oil turmeric contains cold process infused carrier oil jojoba with neem leaf, turmeric, and comfrey leaf. And Shoppasoap also sells acne scar serum.

My acnes are both cystic and zits. I have zits most of the time and cystic only appears when I'm on my period. So I need a different treatment for my different acne problems. My cystic acne are gone for now but I still have a lot of acne scars. I think it will be work best if I use acne scar serum instead of continue using the acne oil. I think.

I like this product a lot. I definitely gonna repurchase this. But for your consideration, beside there is no ingredients on its label, this brand also haven't registered in BPOM (or Indonesian national agency of drug and food control). You choose. ;)


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