Mineral Botanica Acne Serum

Several years ago, I never heard the word 'serum'. I did not have any idea about it. But now I put serum in my skin regime. Since I am a big believer, I am sure that serum can treat my skin problems. Serum has smaller molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin. And it delivers a very high concentration of active ingredients. So it is kinda magic in the teeny-tiny bottle!

There is a lot of serum in the market. I carefully choose them because most of their price are expensive. Then I chose Mineral Botanica Acne Serum, an indie nature friendly make up brand. First, I did research on it to find review how good is this product. Some people are impressed and got a good effect. Well, I decided to give it a try. The price is still affordable though, it is around Rp80.000.

I put Mineral Botanica Acne Serum after I double cleanse my face, right before I put moisturizer, in every morning (because vitamin C works best in daylight!). I like the texture, it is light, not sticky and it's absorb to my skin easily. It has a good scent but not a strong one. I read that some people can see the changes over a night. I put all over my face, including acnes on my cheek. But when I wake up, I find that my acne is not getting smoother. It is getting bigger instead! Is this serum has detox effect to stimulate the growth of acne?

I tried it for four days and there is no good effect for my acne. The acne is not getting smoother or smaller. But I can feel my face more dewy and brighter.

It is too soon to judge how a serum work in four days. Because serum takes four to six weeks to show the benefit. But I want the acne disappear soon, and then I decide to buy acne oil from Shoppasoap. I still put this serum on my face, excluding some acne area, and cover the rest with acne oil. It works better though.

As a conclusion, Mineral Botanica Acne Serum is good but it is not outstanding. But I still use it now to see the effect. I have several serum in my bucket list and can't wait to try and compare them. I'll give you the update!


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