Natural Handmade Soap. Is It Gimmick?

I like handmade and natural thing. I appreciate all things made by hand because, in my opinion, it takes a lot of effort, quality and passion to create it. And I like natural thing because I believe nature provide us a medicine for every health problem. For an example, we can use lemon, honey, aloe vera or green tea to prevent acne.

I love using natural product for my bath time. Natural handmade soap usually free from sodium lauryl sulfate, artificial coloring and artificial perfume. It contains of coconut milk, coconut oil and distilled water to purify water. Purified water can increase the quality and lifespan of beauty product. If it is not purified, it sometimes become the culprit of skin irritation or other skin problems.

I've tried three soap bar from Indonesian brand Kippabuw, Seven Cactus and Germany brand Savon Vivere. Every soap has its pros and cons. For an example, rose soap from Savon Viver is more long lasting rather than the others, and the rose scent is strong though. Kombucha soap from Seven Cactus has a bigger size but I barely can smell the scent. And Kippabuw has a good looking colorful soap, some of their product has a strong smell but some of it has a subtle scent. And their soap products are not long lasting. My husband and I use it for three days in a row and it ran out now. Is it because the soap didn't dry enough when they first made it? Because soap needs to be dried at least one month.

It makes my bath experience more fun!

I have no problem with my body skin and I don't have any acne on my back. Is it gimmick? I don't see any significant result on my skin but one thing I know that my skin is not as dry as I use a regular soap. Regular soap always leave me a cracking feeling on my hands. Unfortunately I cannot buy the natural soap regularly since its price quite expensive. Heheh. But taking care of the skin should be fun. You can scroll on Instagram and there is a lot of soap artisans who create a good looking soap.

Please drop me a comment if you have any recommended natural soap. See ya!


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